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BuyTikTok is the only legit TikTok service for likes, followers, and views. Unlike shady providers who take money for nothing, we deliver the promise. See the difference yourself.

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Get TikTok followers and likes in 6 - 48 hours or less. WIth natural delivery methods we send orders in batches by 50-200.

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Out of 10 thousand creators working with us no personal data, username, or order history has been made public since the launch.

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You can buy TikTok likes and views for a brand new video or pick the existing one. Also, you must have at least 1 video before buying TikTok followers.


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Confirm your order, and it is processed within 2-3 hours. Our delivery happens outside of the user account and is 100% safe with no suspension or ban.

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New To BuyTikTok? So do dozens of artists, musicians, dancers, and talented folks stopping by. Learn why, where, and when buying TikTok followers, likes, and views makes the most sense. Visit our FAQ page for more.

BuyTikTok is a privately owned company operating the largest network of real TikTok users (100k+) incentivised to view, like, or follow certain creators on TikTok.
We are a company with hardwired integrity, passion, and customer trust. Inventive at heart we have brought best developers, avid creators, Millennials and Gen Zers, together to build Staffy (a robotic brain behind the order completion wheel). Confirmed orders are directed to Staffy who checks on supplies; then, processes orders and starts the delivery. To serve our customers best, The Chiefs Tribe keeps track of individual orders going through the system, 24-hour helpline, and ensures safe delivery. Meanwhile, our Devs Team keeps Staffy alive and well 😉 Learn more About Us, folks!
Out of many providers, hardly any could boast as good quality of likes, views, and followers as BuyTikTok. When you buy followers, likes, or views for a new video it serves as a springboard catapulting it up the algorithm. Because TikTok’s main goal is to keep users on the platform, videos with little to know engagement get not nearly as much attention as those with likes, views, shares, and comments on them.
❗️ Buying likes from one provider is not equal to buying from another though. A large number of fake likes or views not only does not help but can lead to removal of a video, or even suspension. Employing real humans to watch, like, or follow you on TikTok (even when they are interested) involves cost and cannot be cheapest. Do not fall into this trap. A good service may not be cheapest but still is affordable and quite effective.
We may disappoint you. There is no such thing as the best time to buy TikTok followers/fans. Even so, buying a handful of fans frequently may be a good idea for new creators to stand the competition. We also suggest if you are buying likes to make sure there are views on your video. Otherwise buying both views and likes would be a smart move.
Also, BuyTikTok requires creators new accounts to have 2 or more videos before buying fans. This makes the profile look organic, guarantees safe delivery and satisfaction with purchase.
No. You have our promise. Revealing identities of our customers may cause privacy issues, damage reputation, and brand. We totally get that. Order details can only accessed through a dashboard in your account. An account is created automatically for each first-time customer. Change its password upon creation, and do not share with anyone.
Because BuyTikTok is not affiliated with TikTok, media outlets, or third-parties hungry to bust celebs and influencers, it is in our best interest to keep data confidential. Plus, as any legit service we rely on our reputation, which is shaped by the promises we make.
You can pay with your card, crypto coins, or via PayPal. It makes no difference for us how the payment is made. Over the last months of serving 2k+ customers in Europe, Asia, North and South Americas, Asia Pacific, and Australia, we have successfully worked with more than 30 payment processors. If any additional questions are left about billing and payment you can look into our FAQ page. For more details here is a full list of accepted payments.
We are known for stable and safe delivery using natural ways. Typical orders of under 1k takes between 12 and 48 hours to deliver. Bigger orders with more than 1k followers, likes, or likes are dropped off within 12-72 hours.
Unlike other providers our goal is to make sure no suspicion is raised against your account and/or video. We won’t risk bumping up your followers count by 1000% in just a couple of hours. Indeed, it almost never happens in reality. Rather, we would split bigger orders to deliver in batches and periodically switch the delivery speed from fast to normal and back. So far, all orders fulfilled 100% safely and accurately.
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