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Let’s see how we are different from all other providers. These are the hallmarks of BuyTikTok that scores us longtime customers.

Can You Buy TikTok Likes?

Sure. Over 10k likes are sent to user accounts, from newbie creators to influencers and brands. Out of 160k videos served so far we no one gets deleted for likes we send. In fact, the opposite is true. Many posts from longtime customers went viral, brought new followers in, and proved our good reputation.

But buying likes from unknown providers is a risky business. You can end up losing your money, or getting suspended or hacked. Think twice if the service asks for a password or promises thousands of likes in minutes. After all, have you seen anyone with a handful of followers 10X the likes number in a flash?

Ready to get more likes for your posts?

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When Is The Best Time To Buy TikTok Likes?

We might disappoint you, there is no such time. First time customers often buy TikTok likes for new videos they upload. Yet likes can be bought to breathe a new life into your old content as well as to push the new one further.

Also, not everyone knows that likes on TikTok can be bought multiple times for the same post. Growing likes count builds up interest and does not allow the algorithm to put a video behind the walls of fresher content from popular creators. A tip from one of our most loyal customers is to buy likes on your best performing videos first, then replicate the pattern for a newer version of it.

How to Buy TikTok Likes

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Can My Post Go Viral If I Buy Likes On TikTok?

Quite possibly yes. Buying likes for TikTok is like buying a new dress. It won’t make you famous in a day but surely adds flavour and makes you feel better. Besides, knowing how the TikTok algorithm values viewers engagement, It is easy to see why a post with 100 likes has 100% more chances of going viral than a post without any.

Another pro of getting a few likes for a video equals better retention and visibility. Why so? Viewers browse the platform for interesting “reactful” videos. Once they see others commenting or liking something it catches their attention. We are naturally attracted to all things new, but with so much content on TikTok not all new videos get the attention they deserve. Score even with others!

How Do I Know If Likes Are High Quality?

High quality likes have the least risk and surely look normal just like regular human likes you see from time time on posts. They come from real profiles and appear organically not out of nowhere. Fake likes, on the other hand, are cheap bot likes typically coming in seconds no matter the amount. Such likes go against TikTok Terms and do no good to the creator.

Good quality TikTok likes should be from filled profiles with avatars, some content, and recent activity, with reach and impressions. Looking for cheap likes and instant delivery you may end up losing posts or an account.

High quality non-drop likes are steps away.

Buy TikTok Likes
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Is It Safe To Buy TikTok Likes?

Depends on where you buy TikTok likes from. Because delivering real quality likes for TikTok is not only complex (due to frequent updates in the algorithm) but pricey, many providers prefer cheap bot likes. Buying low quality likes for TikTok your video can be taken down by the algorithm, or your account suspended and blocked.

But, not all services are made equal. BuyTikTok is a trusted provider of TikTok likes, views, and followers with the largest network of real users (100k+) incentivised to view, like, or follow certain creators on TikTok. Before the likes dispatch Staffy (our smart processing system) checks up your profile and content, sets the delivery speed and checks back often to make sure that all is ready for a safe run.

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